The history of CSE goes as far back to 1942 under the Special Service Branch, Army Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 to the consolidation of the Contractor Support Detachment in 2001 and now the current Contractor Support Element. From 1942 to present CSE has undergone many significant changes to arrive at it's current form under the direction of the Assistant Chief of Staff, G2.

1942 -- Special Branch, Army ACofS, G2, (MAGIC/ULTRA)
1943 -- First 3 SSO's in Pacific Theater
1943 -- 45 -- Military Intelligence Division manages SSOs
1946 -- Dets F & M established, MIS
1950 -- Detachment M established, ACofS G2, HQ DA
1960 -- Special Security Detachment established, ACSI
1967 -- USA Special Security Group established, ACSI IOSS implementation moves tactical SSOs to CAB units
1980 -- USASSG transferred from ACSI to INSCOM
1985 -- USASSG moved from Pentagon to Arlington Hall Station, VA 1989 -- USASSG moved from AHS to Fort Meade, MD
1989 -- DCSINT approved "decentralization" of SSO system, and centralization of contractor support
1991 -- Army decentralized SSO system and formed Contractor Support Element and 3 regional Detachments (Arizona, Alabama and Virginia)
1992 -- USASSG transferred to 902d MI Group
1994 -- USASSG redesignated as CI Support Battalion
1995 -- CI Spt Bn redesignated as 716th MI Bn, including staff CSE with 3 Dets
1998 -- IPOM reductions deplete military authorizations
1998 -- CG INSCOM decision - CSE and Dets transferred to INSCOM ACofS, G2
2001 -- C/S INSCOM decision - CSE and regional Detachments consolidated at Fort Meade
2001 – Army Contractor Automated Verification System (ACAVS) is deployed.
2005 – Automated version of DD 254/SCI Addendum and Courier Orders created in ACAVS
2015 – Army Centralized Contracts and Security Portal (ACCS) is deployed


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